What to Do Now that Everyone is Forced to Stay Home

One of the direct consequences of the ongoing pandemic is people having to stay at home. Movement is mostly restricted, not only in the UK but in many countries of the world. Even for essential service providers, they have to use necessary protective equipment to shield themselves, while other businesses continue to take place online. Granted, it’s not an easy time for anyone as economies are beginning to feel the impact that stagnancy has imposed on the globe.

Nonetheless, you can build an edifice from the stones that COVID-19 is throwing at you! Staying at home does not have to mean the cessation of learning or even working, especially with the borderless advantage that the internet offers. You can learn a lot of skills from different sources, for example, Learning 24/7, to add leverage to your resume. Once coronavirus is over, the skills you would have learnt may determine how well you would survive.

How About Learning a New Language?

One of the obstructions to becoming a global candidate is language. You could decide to use this period to learn any of the world’s most universal languages. It could be French, German, Spanish, or Mandarin. In all, it shouldn’t take you more than six months to master the rudiments, and this could be an edge you are preparing for your post-coronavirus job-hunting experience.

You Can Become an IT Expert

Among other lessons, the world is learning from this pandemic is our need for IT. On Learning 247’s platform and other reputable learning websites, you can take specialised courses such as the use of AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, and even Web Design in less than four months. These skills are highly in demand and are not likely to become irrelevant soon. In fact, if you are passionate about IT, you could delve into Machine Learning, Data Science, Programming, and others to even make yourself more marketable.

Upgrade Your Cooking Skills

While this may not sound like a marketable skill, it is something that can keep your family together. And, who knows? You could be in a situation that requires the skill. If there is something you have longed to know how to cook, now is the time to get at it. Try out those lovely recipes and sharpen your baking skills through available materials online. And if you want a certificate, you may register for the professional training on any distance learning website of your choice.

Don’t be Idle

Just like the famous use and disuse theory that Jean Baptiste Lamarck once propounded, the less active you become, the more degenerate your organs and mind turn. Activity is what makes life, especially gainful ones. Use every moment this time to put something in store because coronavirus will not last forever. Interestingly, while others leave on the excuses they can afford, the best moment of some people’s life will be this time when everything seems locked down. Therefore, whatever you make out of this time is definitely your choice.

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